Ionian and Croatia

Ionian and Croatia

This year's voyage started in Preveza on the west coast of Greece, where I had stored the boat on land over the winter. After a couple of weeks of work doing all the necessary maintenance I got the boat in the water and went over to Corfu, where I met a friend who came out from England and we did a circumnavigation of Corfu. There wasn't much wind and there was only one day when we sailed all day.

Having got back to Kerkyra (Corfu), there was a worrying leak near the prop shaft, so I had to have the boat out of the water to check it. An extra dose of sealant was all that was required.

I then set off across the Adriatic to Italy and made it Otranto successfully, but 7 miles up the coast, I had a problem with the starter motor and had to turn back and spend a couple more days there before I got it fixed. As I worked up the coast, the wind increased and by the time I reached Bari, I had to take shelter for a day and again at Vieste.

The trip across the Adriatic to Croatia was a fine day's sail, but there was another day's sheltering from the wind on Lastovo -- a great place to be stranded!

I enjoyed three lovely weeks cruising the Dalmatian coast. Looking back, it was the highlight of the whole Mediterranean. Beautiful islands, interesting towns and archeological sites, friendly and well-organized people. The highlights? Diocletian's palace at Split, the Krka National Park and the island of Mljet.

From Dubrovnik I wanted to go straight back down the Adriatic to Otranto and the wind, such as it was, helped me cover 160 miles, the furthest I've been yet single handed, though I kept the engine on most of the time to keep the speed up.