Revision list for Thames conditions and floods

  • b4 12/9/21 corrections for PHP 8
  • 0.98 7/2/20 added levels at Bourne End to front page and dropped the table of lock levels.
  • 0.97 5/1/20 replaced wunderground rainfall readings with Removed navigation-related readings (warnings and level changes) to a different program.
  • 0.96 13/11/19 dropped Windsor Park and used Jubilee River flow rate
  • 0.95 26/9/19 replaced the flow rates by the new method of EA API
  • 0.94 3/7/17 modified because EA changed the levels format again on 23/6
  • 0.93 5/2/17 menus moved to top of main window
  • 0.92 29/8/13 rainfall figures moved from classic.wunderground to JSON from wunderground. Additional evening check to allow for corrections made during the day.
  • 0.9 13/8/14 reduce sample rate for levels to 1/day when river normal. Remove warning and flood columns in this case.
  • 0.8 29/7/14 incorporate flow rates for nearly all gauges on the Thames from EA email. Reorder so flows and rainfall comes before levels.
  • 0.72 24/4/14 shift Lechlade rainfall to Latton and Reading from Tilehurst. Record rainfall under town name and make changes in database rather than php.
  • 0.71 19/4/14 add numbers to flow levels graph
  • 0.70 14/4/14 include graphs of flow for Marlow (Maidenhead) and Staines (Kingston) sections
  • 0.60 15/3/14 show a Google map of navigation warnings as warnings.php
  • 0.52 8/3/14 print levels in green if below normal
  • 0.51 2/3/14 Katesgrove weather station has stopped providing rain information, so switch Reading to station at Tilehurst which has a longer record.
  • 0.50 24/2/14 Generalise Cockmarsh page to handle anywhere on the river, rename as history.php. Give it similar back and forward buttons to levels but on bigger scale.
  • 0.40 15/2/14 Adjust main height scale to percent min-max and put upside first.
  • 0.36 14/2/14 Adjust locks to pick up major tributaries and add zones for Oxford and Shifford. Rename Mapledurham, Shepperton and Bourne End.
  • 0.35 13/2/14 Add now button
  • 0.34 9/2/14 changed rain sources from Brize Norton and Benson to Eynsham and Reading (Katesgrove). Past data from December added.
  • 0.33 8/2/14 took out Eynsham Lock from main display, which has been out of action since 26/1 replacing it by Pinkhill; also replaced Abingdon by Day's as it's better spaced.
  • 0.32 5/2/14 replaced references to Cockmarsh and some Cookham by Bourne End, known to more people. Started monitoring all locks on the river including those not currently shown.
  • Map showing warnings

    Thames levels and floods

    History of levels at a single point

    Full list of locks and main tributaries, with links

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