My explorations of England in 2005/6 are shown here.

Travels 2005-6

In 2007, I headed up the east coast to the North of England. Travels 2007

Since 2008 I've kept track of my wanderings using Google maps. First I explored the north of England, up to Skipton and returning to the Trent for the winter.

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In 2008 I decided to take Watergeus over to Ireland, crossing from the Ribble estuary to Dublin.

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After spending the winter in Boyle, I headed down south via the Barrow and crossed back to Milford Haven and eventually back to Bristol.

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Based on my Irish trip, I wrote an article for Blue Flag, the Dutch Barge Association magazine, called Boating Ireland.

Following a return to London, I purchased a property by the Thames with my partner Donna. In 2010 we stuck to the Thames between Oxford and Faversham. In 2011 I went round the south coast to Portsmouth. This was also written up for Blue Flag -- here is the initial draft.

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Finally in 2013 I decided to sell Watergeus as it was too expensive to keep her idle on the Thames. I'm planning a new solar-powered boat, but it isn't there yet.